Oh Deer. You will love them in Nara, Japan.

Oh Deer. You will love them in Nara, Japan.

Have you seen a deer before in the city?
Nara is very rare place in the world. A deer is everywhere in Nara city.
Especially around the Todai-ji.

Touch them and take a pic with deer.

From the Nara JR station or Kintetsu Nara station, You will walk down to Todai-ji.
There is beautiful street which is Kasuga-Taisha Hyousando (春日大社表参道).

This street is most recommend street in the Nara city.
You can see deer among this street. And here is not a relatively busy place.
You can meet deer with relaxed feeling.

The deer of Nara park are wild animals!?

Here is a sign about deer of Nara.
So deer of Nara park are wild animals. You should be careful sometimes according to this sign.
However they are peaceful creatures basically.
Don’ t be afraid 🙂

Another caution from us.

Now you know deer of Nara are wild creatures.
Which mean that they do something on the street as well.
See the picture below.


So this is it.
That’s why we give you another caution.

One more advice.

The deer are always hungry. If you have “Shika-senbei” (it’s like snack for deer).
Deer chasing you very strictly.
You shouldn’t have “Shika-senbei” if you would like to take pics with them.

When is the best time to see them?

The answer is early morning or late evening.

The deer of Nara park are come down to the city from mountain in the morning. Also back to mountain from the city at night.

Also there are not many people in the city at these time as well.

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