The Best Running Route around ANY

The Best Running Route around ANY

Wake up early and get ready to go morning run!

We will show you our favorite running route around ANY.

1. Kasuga-Taisha Shrine

This place is the must if you visit Nara city for the first time.

Kasuga Taisha Shrine is one of World Heritage and closed from public and ANY.

The formal approach to the shrine starts from near Kofukuji temple center of Nara-Park, which called Ichi-No-Torii.

The approach is about 1.2 km long and expands to the east with an atmospheric forest path. Sunlight filtering through the trees make you cool down and refreshing even it’s hot weather.

More information about Kasuga Taisha Shrine, check here!

2. Negimichi

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll love it.

Negimichi, there are three walking paths from Kasuga Taisha Shrine to Takabatake Area, and my favorite is Shimono-negimichi”.

You can find a little sign near Kasuga Taisha Shrine and it says 650m away to Takabakake Area. It’s short but feels like you’re in the forest forever. Highly recommended!

【A little tip】All the way to the Takabatake Area is unpaved.  You will walk on the fallen leaves, dirt or small rocks!

3. Todaiji-Nigatsu-Do

To the east of Todaiji. Anytime you can go for free.

You can enjoy a beautiful Nara city view from here and the best times to visit would be early morning or during sunset.

Many of local people enjoy this place as morning run and walk routine too!

【A little tip】Directly you can go from Kasuga Taisha Shrine to Todaiji-Nigatsu-Do through near Wakakusa Mountain. If you have enough time, highly recommended to visit both places and go through beautiful walk path!

Also during running from ANY, you will go through and enjoy to see winding streets of traditional merchant houses.

Stay our b&b, enjoy a morning run and get back ANY for a coffee.

This is the best way to start your day special!

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