Sake tasting is great option & experience in Nara, Japan for your stay.

Sake tasting is great option & experience in Nara, Japan for your stay.

Have you tried about sake tasting before?It is great option & experience in Nara while your Japan traveling.

If you stay in our hotel, we ANY will take you to sake tasting place.
It will not let you down! Promise! Sake tasting will be unforgettable moment.

Sake tasting

I introduce Harushika is one of the sake brewery in Nara, Japan.
Harushika has started brewing in 1884. Then they created “Cho Kara Kuchi”(超辛口) is super sharpe and punchy type of sake.

Here is from website of Harushika.

“We “HARUSHIKA” have produced a light, mellow tasting sake with a flowery yet sharp flavor,using highly polished rice.Our policy has not changed since the founding of HARUSHIKA.”

Today I am going to report you about sake tasting at Harushika.

The first step is just pay ¥500 at till for sake tasting.

When you get in the shop, just tell to staff what you want to try sake tasting at till.
And it is just only ¥500 per person.

(If you stay at our hotel, you do not need to pay this cost. because it is included your cost of our hotel.)
And going to tasting table.

After taking sheets, you will start to taste five of seasonal sake.

Sake tasting

Don’t afraid about information of sake on the menu.

I meant that even you don’t speak Japanese, there is english menu and some of the staff can speak English. Indeed, some of the staff can speaks french as well.

Wow such a global company!

That’s why you can get information of sake in English or your language while sake tasting.
However they are not working everyday who can speaks other language in Harushika.

But don’t worry, if you stay with us, I will be there with you. You can ask us:)

Also there is English menu which is like a photo below.

Sake tasting menu in English
Sake tasting menu in English

So much information about sake are here.
There are 5 different sake according to this menu. That is kind of bargain sale!!
You will have 5 amazing sakes from Harushika.

Just a water? Take a break with this water while your sake tasting.

Actually, when you do this sake tasting, you will have roughly 200ml of sake in total.
When I tried this sake tasting, I was a little drunk honestly.

A sake of alcohol percentage is around 13% – 15% basically.

We need to take a break a little bit. Don’t rush to drink all of it.
They give us a water between sake tasting which is something like special water.

It is called “Shikomi-mizu” (仕込水).

What is the Shikomi-mizu mean?

They use specific water for making sake.
The water from Nunomegawa which is located between Nara and Mie prefactutre.
This water is important to make a Cho Kara kuchi.

When they making s sake, they only use rice, kouji and water.
A water is main ingredient of sake. And it is 80% of ingredient.
Taste and enjoy this special water too.

Shikomi water

After sake tasting, you will get more.

After tasting five of sake, you will get more.
Did you know Nara has one of the traditional food which is Nara duke(奈良漬).
It is like pickled vegetable but different style. Some of them is a little bit strong smells.

But it is tasty though.
You can try three different type of Nara duke which are;

  • Cucumber
  • Squash
  • Smoked Squash

Please enjoy them as well!

Nara duke

Also you can get tasting glass too!!!
The staff will ask you what color you want to take:)
Choose your favorite color. And enjoy your sake time with your own glass.

Sake glass
sake glass

Now you are ready to go sake tasting!

They sometimes unavailable to do sake tasting. If you want to know about it ask us if you are thinking to stay hour hotel! We can help you.

Enjoy your Nara stay!

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