Nara is super duper Sake place in Japan.

Nara is super duper Sake place in Japan.

When you are traveling in Japan, you may expect to have Sake don’t you?

Actually Nara is super duper Sake place in Japan. Nara is the birth place of Seishu (type of sake).

We can take you to Sake tasting if you would like?!?!


Nara has very old and traditional history. Nara is called “Koto” which is oldest capital kind of.

Also Nara is the birth place of Sake. Many years ago, Sake was born in Nara, Japan.

Especially about Seishu it is type of Sake.

A seishu is made from Japanese rice.

Seishu has to made by Japanese rice. And it has to be filtered within processing. If it is unfiltered which may be called nama-zake(raw sake).

Unfiltered is not type of Nama-Zake. I asked to person who work in Saka-gura. She said that Nama-zake meant no pasteurization while processing of sake. Which is called He-Ire (火入れ). When they do pasteurization they heat up sake with 65 – 70 degrees. And stop the fermentation about a Koubo.”

So Seishu and Sake are typically only made in Japan. Also it needs specific technique for making it. That’s why we love to drink a sake in Japan!!

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Nara is such a saka-gura island in Japan.

I meant about saka-gura island is Nara has 28 saka-gura around Nara prefecture.

Saka-gura means;
Saka = Sake
Gura = Brewery.
Saka-gura = 酒蔵

Nara has many Japanese sake brewery. They are all difference between each breweries. Each sake brewery has original & traditional technique, style and ideal taste.

Sake tasting is good idea to know about sake.

Anyway you need to try to drink sake. But no idea what is good? What is kind of the taste? What is your favorite sake?

It is very hard to pick sake to buy from so many sake.

However you do not need to worry about that.
There is sake tasting in Nara, Japan. Some of the saka-guras or shops do it.

If you are staying at our hotel ANY, there is one of the activities.
Which is Japanese sake tour. We can take you to sake tasting if you want to do it. Also of cause the price is included already.

Harushika sake

If you would like to come to stay Nara and try sake, please stay our hotel.
Also please contact us if you have a question.
We can help & guide you as much as we can.

Enjoy your stay in Nara. See you later!

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