Sun goes down into the earth. The special spot for sunset in Nara, Japan.

Sun goes down into the earth. The special spot for sunset in Nara, Japan.
Sun goes down into the earth. The special spot for sunset in Nara, Japan.

Have you seen gorgeous sunset in Nara, Japan?
The local people knows amazing place for watching a sunset in Nara city.
Some of the travellers does not stay in Nara until sunset time. BUT!!!
It is very beautiful! You must see it and stay in Nara until sunset time at least.
Do not regret and miss it.

The place is just 13 mins walking from Todaiji Minami-daimon.


Honestly, that place is not so far.
From Todaiji-minami-daimon, just around 10-15 mins by walk.
It is called “Nigatsudo”. Nigatsudo is part of Todaiji.

Normally people go to see the Dainichi-Nyorai in Todaiji then back to city or another famous spot which is like Shousou-in or Wakakusa mountain (Nara park).

That’s why Nigatsudo does not very busy spot at the moment.
You can relax and watch a sunset with relaxed atmosphere.
And Nigatsudo is free spot as well. What a fantastic!!

My recommend route to Nigatsudo.

My recommend route to Nigatsudo.

There are few route to get Nigatsudo.
Most incredible route comes from east side of Nara park. But It is a little bit hard to get there. I lost way at the first time Lol.

So easy and brilliant route is above map.

1. On the map, go to the Nekodan which is steps. But it’s not normal steps.


Neko meaning is cat. If you fail on this steps, you will be cat according to legend.
You should be careful then.
You will see the back of Todaiji after top of this steps.

2. Todaiji-Shourou is one of the biggest bell in Japan.


It’s a national treasure.
That’s called “Nara-taro” on another way. 4m size and 26t weight. Yes it’s so big!
When it last day of December, we hit this bell for 108 times as traditionally. (Not only this one) If you are here on last day of the year, you can try to hit it as well!!

3. And then a bit more walk to the higher, you can see like this building in Nigatsudo.

One more time, climb up steps on right side of photo. You can get in Nigatsudo and see the beautiful landscape from balcony.

Now you just need to wait sunset time.


When I went to Nigatsudo, there are few tourist and local people.
Everybody just chilling here and enjoying this beautiful view.

Sunset from Nigatsudo

That is amazing isn’t it?

If you are lucky person, you can see like all of Nara city.
This is the best moment as highlight of your trip of Nara.

We have a tour as free option for our guest.

Nara tour

If you stay in our hotel, you can choose this Night walk tour.
Of course there is no charge. It has already included the cost of your room.
Basically we take guest to Nigatsudo. (Sometimes we change the route, place and time. Depends on situation.)

We have other activity and tour as well.
If you are interested in our hotel, please check our website or booking page:)

Also don’t hesitate to ask us if you have a question.
Hope you will enjoy Nara stay!!!

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