Travel guide! What can we enjoy Nara’s night? 6 recommended places in Nara-machi.

Travel guide! What can we enjoy Nara’s night? 6 recommended places in Nara-machi.

Travel guide! What can we enjoy Nara’s night? 6 recommended places in Nara-machi.
There is not much information for Nara’s nightspots about shops, restaurants, places. Actually, there is a great bar, shop, restaurants around the Nara-machi area where there is not much telling.

Our accommodation ANY B&B+COFFEE is located in the Nara-machi area.
So if you stay at our hotel, you can see this page and you can enjoy Nara more!

1. LIGHT (Bar & Food)

This April 2020, they renovated their shop. And get more spaces and tables.
The location is just the middle of Nara-machi which is nice.
This shop also has a food menu. But you can enjoy here from a glass of tap beer casually.

You will be able to grab your beer here till 11pm. You can see Nara’s local scene. It is just 5 mins walk from ANY B&B+COFFEE as well which is so good point! You should enjoy the culture of Nara.

2. Yakitori – Mochizuki (焼鳥 望月)

There are not many YAKITORI restaurants. Especially, good taste one. But don’t worry. Yakitori – Mochizuki is one of the best Yakitori restaurants in Nara. A little bit expensive but you can get great Yakitori Experience.
They have only a counter table. And Owner is cooking a yakitori on charcoal fire in front of you.

The menu is only “OMAKASE” which is a kind of course menu but owner is choosing the best food by himself for you.
That’s why, if you have any allergies or something you can’t eat food, you should tell him when you pop in the shop.

If you need help, we can support you don’t worry:)

This restaurant has good sake lists as well. You can enjoy Japanese sake with great food. It will be a great experience.

3. huerto (Restaulant)

There is Mochiidono street in Nara. You can find very narrow load from Mochiidono street. Here is a super local restaurant but a super great spot.

Our sister coffee shop ANY COFFEE BREW BAR is also near this restaurant though. So if you lost, you can ask to staff.

They cook local vegetables, meats, and sliced prosciutto. Also, homemade bread is yum. Chef has a Spanish food background. They have tasty wines too. There is natural wine as well which is a high point for me.

They do a lunch menu as well. You can enjoy a glass of wine but you would better make booking your table.

4. NIGATSU-DO. Temple which you can go at night.

In Nara, we have so many temples. But this one Nigatsu-do is one of the best temples that I know in Nara city. It is just behind of Great Buddha Hall. You can pass walk through Great Buddha Hall and just a little bit go uphill to this temple. Take about 10 mins.

Then you can see this beautiful temple.

You can sit down like this photo 24 hours anytime (expect seasonal event time).


Please enjoy this place when you stay in Nara.

In the morning is good to see Nara City from here it is so nice.
But at the sunset time is the best. You will be able to see the most brilliant landscape from here. Before breakfast as a morning walk or after dinner as a night walk? You can visit Nigatsu-do anytime you want.

5. YAMATO Craft Beer Table

Do you know Nara is the birthplace of sake?
Our old city has many of the histories. And now, there is a new creative history which is craft beer.

Yamato Craft Beer Table is nearby Kintetsu Nara station. Just a few minutes by walk from the station.

You can see the brewery tank as well. So this place is such an exiting place.

Pale Ale, draft, IPA, Stout. Also, they have guest beer too.

They have many kinds of beer. My recommend beer is IPA.
It’s so fruity and nicely heavy body. Balanced well.
Also, there is a food menu. You can enjoy craft beer before dinner, as a dinner or lunch:)

6. Chuin ( Sake stand)

As I mentioned about sake. Nara is one of the best sake of place. But “Chuin” provides Japanese sake except Nara made.

They selected nice & gorgeous Japanese sake from around Japan.
Daily changed a menu. Always give me a surprise.
Nama-sake, sweet sake, fresh and some of the rare sake.

There is no regret. If you are coming to have a drink’s sake here.
If you couldn’t the menu, just ask to master, which one is “OSUSUME”? Which means that “recommend one”.

Always regular customers are swinging by and drink a sake casually.
A cup of sake is just ¥300 as small size. You can compare many of sake.

Just enjoy.

There are other attractive spots or secret shop in Nara.

As I told you, Nara has many of attractive spots, restaurunt, bars, and shops. If you want to know more about these things. Please swing by ANY B&B+COFFEE or Stay at our hotel. We can suggest you more options:)

I hope this article is helpful to you for your next travel or sightseeing in Nara.


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