Have you ever tried Craft Beer from Nara, Japan?

Have you ever tried Craft Beer from Nara, Japan?

You may know Nara is one of famous Japanese Sake place in Japan. BUT there is a Craft Beer Brewery in Nara, Japan.

Our favorite Beer Brewery called “Naramachi Brewery MUGIYA” in Nara-machi.

Located in Kidera-cho where takes 20 mins by walk from Kintetsu Nara Station, 25 minis by walk from JR Nara Station and only 15 mins by walk from ANY! What a perfect location!

Unforgettable this beautiful architecture

Naramachi Brewery MUGIYA was builded with one of the traditional Japanese architecture which called “Koshi(Wooden lattice)”.

There is a community table inside if you bring your family or friends. All table and chairs are wooden made that makes us calm and relax feeling.

Craft beer and Italian foods?

They alway provide 5-6 kinds of craft beer which you can try at the counter. Pale Ale, IPA, Stout, Scotch Ale and more on the menu when we visited here before.

Sometimes you want to grab a tap beer from lunchtime and you will be hungry, aren’t you? Don’t worry! They open from 11:30am to 8pm (every Thursday close).

Italian foods used by ingredients from Nara is also available during lunchtime. If you are looking for little snacks just try their “Cheese Platter” which is Cheddar Cheese with honey, Blue Cheese, Camembert Cheese with cracker. They are just wonderful!

One more tip to enjoy in Naramachi

Naramachi brewery MUGIYA is only 1 min walk from Harushika(Japanese sake brewery). Such a good idea to go for Craft Beer at Naramachi Brewery MUGIYA and Japanese Sake at Harushika if you want to try Japanese craft beer and Japanese Sake.

ANY provides craft beer from Naramachi Brewery for guest staying. Hope you will be in love and visit here if you have chance to come!

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