When can we travel to Japan?

When can we travel to Japan?

In 2020. We have been having a big moment around the world.
COVID-19 has attacked us & it has taken our normal life.
Many people have stolen their future travel plan.

Now, you are interested in when can we travel again right?
In Japan, it just progressed to the future as the first step on 26th May.

Rescission a declaration of a state of emergency in Japan.

Our country has rescission a declaration of a state of emergency according to the Prime Minister.
It will start economic activities from the 26th of May 2020.
It has been 49days from starting a declaration of a state of emergency.
Finally, we re-start to the new normal.

COVID-19 map

See this map. “91” is an infected person in Nara, Japan. And 2 people past away because of COVID-19.
Nara had an infected person at the beginning of COVID-19 but after that we have been tried to unspread it as much as we can. That’s why we have not much an infected person in Nara.

How is around Japan?


Nowadays, it seems very well & getting better. Hopefully, in the future we can show you all in Nara, Japan as soon as possible.

When we can travel around the world it is a very difficult question.
We know some of the airline company is no good at all. Also A little bit scary to visit another country.

So we are trying to do my best about the solution to this virus.
Keep clean the room and shop as always. Do alcohol disinfection to us & customers as well. So thank you for understanding that.
We are supporting each other with local people and regulars for a better world.
We are trying to say “WELCOME” in the future to you all who come & visit in Japan.

Nara city

Stay strong & keep in touch. We can create the bright future togrther.

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