The Speciality Hotel will come to Nara, Japan.

The Speciality Hotel will come to Nara, Japan.

The Specialty Hotel will come to Nara, Japan.
We are ANY B&B + COFFEE. Now we are preparing & setup the business for opening our store by this September 2019.

Hello world this is ANY.

What are we?

Hello everyone. This is ANY B&B+COFFEE.
If you are looking for a hotel in Nara, Japan after 2019 September.
Here is the best choice ever.
So we have only 1 guest room which is 4 people maximum room include children.
Location is only 10 minutes from JR Nara station also Kintetsu Nara station.

Best location for your stay in Nara, Japan.

Please wait us a little bit more.
We will update more details.

You need the best coffee in Nara too?

We are not only the hotel actually.

Our backgrounds are barista, roaster, buyer, web designer & more Lol

We used to live in Melbourne, Australia for 6 years.
Yutaro used to work as barista and coffee roaster in Melbourne.
Chiharu has great connections with Melbourne local jewelry artists.

So just it is time to do our own business.
Then come back to Japan for opening our shop & hotel.

Of course we will roast coffee and have a cafe just under the hotel.
You can have the best coffee and breakfast in Nara, Japan.

Don’t missed it:)

More information will be updating soon.

Hope we will see you all soon!!!

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